Get Involved

Get Involved

Innovative Therapeutic Riding Program



Volunteers are the heart & muscle of our organization!

We can’t exist without our volunteers! They are a necessary part of our classes. They also help with stable work and special events throughout the year.

Our volunteers always speak of how rewarding it is to assist our riders and help care for our horses.

You don’t need to be horse savvy to volunteer at ITRP! We provide our volunteers with the necessary training, you simply need the desire to help those with handicaps and special needs. Contact us and let us know how you would like to help.

Volunteer Tasks

Stable work — Cleaning stalls, set up/take down of arena, cleaning tack/equipment
Groom/Tack — Groom horses and prepare them for their lessons
Special events — Gorse show, fundraising, barn dance, etc.
Side Walkers — Responsible for the safety of riders. You assist your rider with their helmet then take them to the arena to get mounted on their horse. During the class you will be walking by the client as they ride to ensure safety.
Horse Leaders — Responsible for the safety of the horse and control at all times. You assist in getting the horse ready for the rider and do warm ups/cool downs with the horses. You reinforce signals that the rider gives to the horse.

Becoming a Volunteer

» The minimum age for program volunteers who work with clients is 14 years old (Under 14? Contact us for volunteer opportunities at the barn)
» Volunteers under 18 must have paperwork signed by a parent/guardian prior to attending volunteer training and participating in a program.
» All volunteers must complete volunteer paperwork for the current year and have read and understood the volunteer handbook.
» All volunteers must go through volunteer training before they can participate in the program.
» Volunteering in Program involves moderate physical activity. Please be comfortable with the physical aspects of the role you select.
» Due to the nature of services we provide, ITRP reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any and all volunteers for our organization.

ITRP Internships

ITRP offers unpaid internships in a variety of areas. For more information please contact us at or fill out the online contact form here.

Donations & Corporate Sponsorship

Innovative Therapy Riding Program (ITRP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We greatly appreciate your support as your tax-deductible donation is what allows us to continue with the wonderful work we are doing.


There are three ways to support ITRP: Donation, Shopping or Corporate Sponsorship




Link your Smith’s Rewards Card with ITRP and Smith’s will donate part of the proceeds to us! To link your card, or register for one, visit: Our profit ID is: 52865 To learn about how you can support ITRP via Melaleuca, please contact our Development Director, Angie James at

Corporate sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship of $5,000+ help support the program in it’s every day functions, giving the program the ability to continue to help riders achieve their dreams one ride at a time.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Recognition on this website with link to your site (if desired)
  • Recognition at ITRP events
  • Our enduring gratitude!!!!!
If you would like to sponsor us, please contact us here.

Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor a Horse

Annual Therapy Horse Maintenance Cost: $5000 (Costs include: feed, farrier, massage, chiropractic & veterinary care)

Sponsorship options:

  Full Year Sponsorship – $5000
6 Month Sponsorship – $2500
1 Month Sponsorship – $450
Partial Sponsorship – Any Amount
All sponsorships can be designated to a specific horse, or to the “horse with the greatest need”, it is completely up to you!
Full and 6 month sponsorships receive regular communication from ITRP showing what your sponsored horse has been up to, and the people he/she works with on a daily basis.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Horse’s photo to display in your home or office
  • Recognition on this website with link to your site, if desired
  • Recognition at ITRP Center events
  • Our enduring gratitude!!


**Sponsored by: Valley Wide Coop** She is an 11 year old quarter horse/walker cross and is Kaylynn’s 70 year old father-in-law’s trail horse. She has been in the mountains and loves to trail cows.


**Currently unsponsored** She is a 13 year old Norwegian Fjord and Arla’s mom. Echo has done it all; she pulls a buggy, trail rides in the mountains and takes care of several of our very special clients.


**Currently unsponsored** Our 13 year old Norwegian Fjord has been used to pull wagons, competed in wagon races and obstacle courses, been a saddle horse and been on numerous hunting trips and trail rides.


**Sponsored by: InnTrusted** He is a 20 year old Arabian/ Pony cross gelding that I acquired when he was 8, he didn’t fit the Paint show horse program of Val’s sister-in-law. He has packed elk, been a pack horse in the mountains, ridden in the mountains, used as a lesson pony and taught Val’s 3 grandkids to ride. He came to the program in 2014.


**Currently unsponsored** She is an 9 year old Norwegian Fjord and is the daughter of Echo, another one of our horses. She was bought by a family who allowed her to do whatever she wanted and she became unsafe and was given back to the breeder. KayLynn took her and trained her from ground to the saddle. She is one of our most valued therapeutic horses we have.


**Sponsored by: Land O’Lakes** He is 20 year old BLM mustang gelding. He was my husband’s trail horse and one of our pack horses until our 10 year old granddaughter too him over when she out grew Sassy. We started using him last year in our program when we needed another horse for more independent riders.


**Sponsored by: InnTrusted** He is an 11 year old registered quarter horse Gelding who has been competing in Horse 4H, working ranch 4H, Jr. High and High School rodeo for the last 2 years in breakaway and team roping. He has worked cattle since the age of 3 and has gone elk hunting and trail riding. He is new to the program this year and is being trained to accept individuals with disabilities.


**Sponsored by: Innovative Health Care Concepts** He is a 13 year old registered paint gelding who has been to the world cup 3 times in western pleasure. He was rescued from being euthanized in fall of 2014 and we have been rehabilitating him. He LOVES people and will try and do whatever you ask of him.

Yellowstone Doll “Little D”

**Sponsored by: The Keele Foundation** She is a 13 year old quarter horse mare who was scared of her own shadow as a filly. She has trailed cows, packed elk, trailed in the mountains, competed in 4H both trail courses and horsemanship. The last two years she had been a team roping horse in Jr. High School Rodeo and this year a High School Rodeo horse as well as one of our therapeutic horses since 2013.