“What an Amazing program! Our five-year-old daughter Alivia has Cerebral Palsy, OCD, and ADHD. She spends hours during her week doing different kinds of therapies, so I’ll admit when a friend told me about this program I thought “not one more thing!”, but that friend didn’t give us the option, she had already signed her up.

This has quickly become our FAVORITE part of the week. It’s a therapy she doesn’t know is actually Therapy! Alivia can’t wait each week to put on her cowgirl boots, head to the barn and take care of and ride “her” horse. We have been amazed and impressed at the professionalism and competence of the Innovative Therapeutic Riding Program. They take this task very seriously, taking the time to find out exactly what is going to benefit each rider.

Alivia has a hard time using the left side of her body, so you can only imagine the excitement as parents to see her lifting her left arm above her head. It hasn’t only helped her physically, but we have noticed she is able to remain calm and focused during her time in the arena. The team working with her is always has patience and encourages her to know that she can do it! During this time she is calm and confident and excited to push herself to stretch, pay attention, and to learn. Their horses are very docile and patient with each child, and safety is top of mind.

As parents, we never knew if she would walk let alone ride a horse! The Innovative Therapeutic Riding Program has opened our eyes to so many possibilities for our little girl, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it!”

M.C and C.C., July 19, 2017

“Will looks forward to riding Hidalgo every week! It is definitely the highlight of his summer this year. First off, when we arrive to ride every week, we are warmly greeted by the volunteers. The schedule for the day is posted and Will always knows what to expect. That is very important for him, and I appreciate the programs, organization, and structure!

Every Monday we have ridden this summer, Will has had a “good” remainder of the day which means he takes redirection well, has not had a meltdown, and interacts enjoyably with family members. It’s a definite behavior change from the other days of the week. Also, he keeps a picture of himself riding Hidalgo next to his bed and uses looking at the picture and thinking about how much he enjoys riding as a strategy to relax when he is on the verge of a meltdown or to calm down after a meltdown has occurred.

Being involved in ITRP has been extremely beneficial to Will and I love the option of an “alternative” type of therapy in our area. We have truly loved having Will ride this summer! It’s so good for us to see him happy and being successful at a new activity.

We truly have loved having Will ride this summer!!”

C.K., July 11, 2017

“My daughter suffers from Selective Mutism, which is a form of Social Anxiety Disorder. It makes her everyday life difficult, and it breaks my heart to see a six-year-old be so burdened with anxieties when she should be much more carefree at her age.

The first time we stepped into the barn to ride, I expected her to be afraid. She is usually afraid of things like heights, animals, and new experiences. But from the start, she has always seemed much more calm than normal in that environment. Something about those horses, and the amazing volunteers at ITRP, just has a relaxing effect on her, and not just while she is riding.

I feel like the two summers we have spent in this wonderful program have had ripple effects, and the confidence she has built there has helped her function better in her daily life. I am very grateful to everyone who is there, working hard every week, to help my daughter and all of the other riders who benefit from this program.”